Tuesday, August 2, 2011

How's Your Onion- Derry, N.H

91 West Broadway, Derry NH

Marc Damien Hartley is the chef and owner of this unique little restaurant located right on West Broadway in Derry NH. The atmosphere is warm and relaxing, the staff friendly and the food was served promptly upon my visit. How's Your Onion is the kind of restaurant that I can see many visitors becoming regular diners.

I have visited only for breakfast after hearing quite a bit about how good the food was here and I am a sucker for a good breakfast! Open Monday -Thursday 5am-2pm, Friday and Saturday 5am-9pm (Friday and Saturday they are open for dinner) and Sunday 6am-2pm How's Your Onion is a relatively new restaurant and is serving up some really unique and tasty dishes.

I enjoyed the Shirred Baked Egg Nest ($6.99)- 2 eggs, home fries, chopped onion and bacon baked and topped with Parmesan cheese served with a side of toast. It was a nice change from customary breakfast offerings and I really enjoyed the flavors! I tried a side of the Spiked Potatoes (3 for $2.99/6 for $5.79)-Combo of mashed potatoes, bacon, cheese and peppers rolled in beer batter, smothered in BBQ chips, fried & served with a creamy bacon ranch dressing. Big flavors in small packages! My breakfast partner, who is a regular at How's Your Onion, enjoyed the Sandra Special ($5.29)-Eggs cooked in the center of sourdough bread served with corned-beef hash that he had the chef mix spinach and mushrooms into and he loved it! The menu has a large selection of both breakfast and lunch options and I must make a point to visit again soon on a Friday or Saturday night to dine from the dinner menu.

Have you even been to a restaurant and you just feel like it's family cooking for you? That is the vibe I had while enjoying my breakfast at How's Your Onion. It's a restaurant that you just know has a lot of heart in it and that makes a big difference in the food that anyone who visits has the chance to try. How's Your Onion is approaching its 1 year anniversary in September and I hope that it continues to grow in popularity and that Marc along with his staff, continues to cook and serve the guests of How's Your Onion with the uniqueness and love of food that started it all.