Monday, September 27, 2010

Gordo's Burritos & Tacos

64 Freetown Rd
Raymond, NH
Open for lunch & dinner Tuesday thru Sundays, Gordo's is conveniently located right off exit 5 on 101. I had a few people recommend that I go check this little Mexican restaurant out so I finally was able to make it in. I didn't like it. Maybe I am spoiled by the really fresh Mexican burritos and tacos available at Las Olas or Dos Amigos, but rightly so I figure. All of the items on Gordo's menu are priced the same at $6.95. Set up cafeteria style, you order at the counter and get your drinks there too before you pick your seat in the dinning area. when you food is ready, someone from the counter or kitchen will bring it out. the decor is great and I like the idea of the hot sauce bottle shelf, but the food is below average. My tacos were overcooked while my dinning companions burritos were undercooked. The owner was there and she did not seem friendly at all. We had another friend of ours join us since we had to discuss some business things and the owner actually came over and asked how much longer we were going to be there and since the additional member that joined us was sitting at the table with his laptop and NOT ordering, she wanted us to scram, said she had a large party coming in any minute and this didn't look right. wow, we finished our beers and left. I will not return. For a restaurant owner that is struggling and that only had one other table of guests there in addition to us to say something like that was completely rude. I'm going to safely guess that Gordo's just doesn't have what it takes to make it as a successful Mexican restaurant.